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Newborn Gift Ideas | Sheepers

When it comes to choosing a gift for a newborn baby, it can be a bit of a minefield. This is especially true when you aren’t a parent yourself, or if it’s been a long time since you had your children. Whatever your situation, it’s challenging to find something that new parents don’t already have, and that will be treasured and loved.

To make choosing a gift for a newborn baby simple, we’ve created a gift guide, with something to suit everyone…

Gifts for the New Mum

What do new mums need? They need cups of tea, super-comfy clothing, snacks that don’t need prep and are easy to grab while stuck under a sleeping baby, and little simple luxuries to help ease anxieties and get them through those sleep-deprived early days.

A cosy pair of slip-on slippers are a must. When you’re holding a teeny-tiny baby, being able to slide your feet into warm and comforting slippers hands-free can feel like a welcomed little luxury. Comfy and cooling lounge wear is essential too.

We love:

The Elsa Mule – slip-on slippers with a super cosy sheepskin lining that will mould to the foot for maximum support and comfort.

The Powder Pink Pyjama Shirt – Made using a silk blend, this beautiful shirt will help keep new mums cool while the baby contact naps. In addition, the button down front is great for skin-on-skin and breastfeeding, and you have the option to add bottoms too, to create a set.

Sheepskin Pram Hand Warmer – Perfect for mum’s expecting during the winter months, our sheepskin pram hand warmer makes those trips out the house that bit more comfortable, by keeping hands and fingers warm and cosy. Easy to attach to all major strollers, the hand warmer is complete with sheepskin bar strap for extra comfort.

Gifts for the New Dad

Somehow Dads are often overlooked when it comes to gifts for new parents. The typical Dad doesn’t get much paternity leave, but many are still up through the night and doing what they can when they can. Coffee and comfort are key to helping new Dads through the early days of parenthood.

We love:

The Men’s Black Moccasin – simple, super cosy and easy to slip on for those middle of the night nappy changes or pacing around the house with the baby, these will be a welcomed gift for the new Dad.

Gifts for the Autumn/Winter Baby

Over the cooler months, one of the main concerns for new parents is keeping baby warm. While knitted hats and cardigans are a popular choice, it’s likely new parents will receive several of these from friends and family. When it comes to choosing a gift for a winter baby, think outside the box…

We love:

The Beige Sheepskin Footmuff – perfect for keeping babies super cosy on trips outside the house, this footmuff can be used all through the winter and autumn and is a truly beautiful addition to any pram.

Merino Lambskin Baby Liner – Whether it’s a soft and cosy surface for tummy time, or it’s placed in a pram or moses basket for super comforting naps, our Merino Lambskin Baby Liner will help keep babies warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Gifts for the Spring/Summer Baby

Parents of summer babies of course have the opposite concern to those with babies born in winter – the main priority is to keep them cool and comfortable. Sheepskin might not be something that many people would consider for a summer baby, however sheepskin actually helps to regulate body temperature no matter the season, keeping babies cool in the heat.

We love:

The Grey Baby Booties – many parents may not want to leave their new baby’s feet uncovered. Sheepskin booties are a great option, as they will feel cosy, while also keeping baby cool. Made from 100% soft sheepskin and with velcro straps, choose  size small for newborns.

Choosing a gift for a newborn can be a wonderful experience, when you take a moment to think about what new parents really need and will really appreciate. With our gift ideas, you’ve got this one in the bag.

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