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Top 10 Outdoor Slipper Styles

Outdoor slippers are a must for anyone that loves pottering about in the garden. Whether it’s a lunchtime stroll, a spot of spontaneous gardening, or simply popping out with your late morning coffee to get a bit of sun on your skin, outdoor slippers make it easy to nip out whenever the mood strikes. Here are our favourite styles…


  1. The Heather Sheepers


Versatile and stylish, the Heather Sheepers are in a neutral soft grey, meaning that they go with almost anything. Featuring our indoor-outdoor sole made from recycled rubber, this is the ideal pair if you have a courtyard garden.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/heather-sheepers/


2,The Zodiac Sheepers


Perfect for stargazing, our Zodiac Sheepers come in 12 styles – one for each star sign. In a rich shade of navy, with a black sheepskin cuff and recycled rubber sole, this is a great choice for gardens with lawns, due to the dark colour and durable sole.


Shop here: https://www.sheepers.co.uk/product/the-zodiac-collection/

3,The Emerald Spa Slippers


The ideal summer slipper, the Emerald Spa Slippers are super easy to slip on and are great for mooching around the garden in, or even for a spot of sunbathing. Made from 100% sheepskin and with a sole made from rubber that’s resistant to abrasion, these slippers can be worn both indoors and out.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/emerald-spa-slippers/


4,The Amur Mule

Super soft and cosy, yet easy to slip on and great for just popping out into the garden when the mood strikes, our Amur Mules are a firm favourite at Sheepers HQ. Lined with sheepskin and complete with a beige sheepskin cuff, the Amber Mules keep toes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Finished with a super sturdy sole with excellent grip, indoor or out, the Amur Mule’s got you.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/amur-mule/


5,The Black Loafers


Timeless and simple, our Women’s Black Loafers are perfect for those WFH days. An indoor-outdoor slipper is a must when you’re working from home, allowing you to take a break outside at any moment. Our Black Loafers have a smart edge, while still being cosy due to the super soft sheepskin lining.


Shop here: https://www.sheepers.co.uk/product/womens-black-loafer-2/


6,The Zebra Sheepers


Get inspired by nature, with the Zebra Sheepers. Featuring a fun and playful Zebra print in monochrome tones, these beautiful slippers are finished with a warm white sheepskin cuff, perfect for keeping feet and ankles warm in the garden.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/zebra-sheepers/

7,The Blossom Sheepers


Who doesn’t love a pop of pink? The Blossom Sheepers will brighten up any day, with their 100% fluffy sheepskin cuff, recycled rubber sole and super soft upper, all in a lovely soft shade of pink. Complete with memory foam base and sheepskin lined insole, Blossom is a super comfy pair of slippers that will support your feet while you get a spot of fresh air.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/blossom-sheepers/

Blossom Sheepers

8,The Grey Spa Slippers


Looking for something simple and chic, yet versatile? The Grey Spa Slippers are the perfect choice. Comfy, warm and chic, the rubber sole is resistant to abrasion, making these a great choice for gardens with gravel or paving.

Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/grey-spa-slippers/


9,The Twilight Mule


Ideal for evenings in the garden, the Twilight Mule is inspired by the night’s sky. In a striking shade or turquoise and finished with a scattering of stars, the Twilight Mule is easy to slip on for both indoor and outdoor wear, and featured a non-slip durable sole for all sorts of surfaces.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/the-twilight-mule/


10,The Pearl Sheepers


Our Pearl Sheepers have so much to offer – a super cosy merino lined sheepskin insole, a comfy memory foam base and a recycled rubber sole, as well as a fluffy white sheepskin cuff. Super comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use, the soft pink shade is a must to add colour to your day.


Shop here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product/pearl-sheepers/

Pearl Sheepers


Discover our full outdoor slippers range here: https://international.sheepers.co.uk/product-category/womens/outdoor-slippers/

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